Tuesday, December 13, 2011

right now.

stole this idea from meg. 

right now i am  . . . 

watching: nothing......don't really watch tv during the day. i save that for the evening when i can cuddle my husband. :) we watched the amazing race finale last night. love that show. we also love the middle, person of interest, survivor, and parks and rec.

eating: again nothing...i used to alwaysalwaysalways eat breakfast. since i've had ruby, coffee is my breakfast. probably not the best thing for a nursing mama. oh well, you win some, you lose some.

drinking: half-caff coffee with a titch of raw sugar and frothed peppermint mocha creamer mixed with milk...made by the sweet husband.

wearing: old navy tan sweater, white button up underneath, (seen here) seven sparkly booty jeans from plato's closet, merrells.

avoiding: waking ruby up to get her dressed to take sawyer to his well child check up. i think she'll go in her jammies.

feeling: pretty good. i have a million thoughts swirling in my head.  things i need to get done and i am soooo unorganized.  but on the whole, i feel pretty low stress...at this moment anyway. excited for fun christmas activities coming up this week. :)

missing: my big boys...gone at school five days a week.  i like them. looking forward to christmas break. remind me of this on week two of no school. :)

thankful: for a great life. a faithful husband who continually pursues me. a Jesus who continually pursues me. amazing, encouraging friends. four healthy children. everything i need and a bunch of extras. my cup over.flows.

weather: cold and rainy.

praying: for friends and family who are walking through tough tough tough situations. my heart hurts so much for them.

needing: to work on the mountain of laundry that i see overflowing from my hamper.

thinking: i am excited about a new business venture on the horizon.

dreaming:  of a white christmas...how fun would that be?!

loving: christmas time. i love the whole season. parties, lights, food, music, movies.
also, having a wood burning fire place...soooo cozy.

what about you?
what are you doing right now?

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  1. So pretty we get to celebrate this Friday.:)

  2. thinking: i am excited about a new business venture on the horizon.

    Okay...you didn't mention this yet...fill me in! : )


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