Monday, August 27, 2012

ruby's first birthday party {lots of pictures}

wow. our baby girl turned one on thursday.

i have been looking back through photos of her first year and remembering what a surprise it was to find out we were having a girl. 
on her birthday i read through her birth story and am so thankful once again for God's graciousness in bringing her safely to us.

we celebrated her birthday with a very pink backyard party.

of course we needed some pink snacks for our girly girl.
strawberry wafer cookies & pink marshmallows on the gift table are a fun treat that guests could help themselves to.

i put all those baby food jars to good use as birthday favors.
i spray painted the lids ballet slipper pink, decorated them with ribbon & hot glue, and filled them with red and pink starbursts.

i used the pompom garland that i learned to make at the handmade craft day. 
i think it will find a place at every party she has from now on . . . and will probably hang in her room until then. :)

as a back drop for her high chair, i hung torn strips of fabric, some new and some vintage.

i love the torn fabric garland so much so i quickly made another little one for the front of the table . . . about five minutes before guests arrived. 

we grilled out so we had another couple of tables for all the not as pretty food stuffs. 
i draped pink fabric {cheap from hobby lobby} over all of the tables. 

i printed out one picture from each of her one month photo shoots and hung them with little clothespins on pink yarn above the food table.
i thought it turned out really sweet. :)

i needed something cute to put the plastic cutlery in so i dug around in the recycle bin to find a tin can to use.
yes, i washed it. ;)
i thought that would be better than jars in case a child accidentally knocked it over.
i only had one can so i dumped out another can of perfectly fine canned goods.
i figured the 67 cents i spent on it was worth it for a cute display. :)

kid drinks went in a big plastic bin {with ice in the bottom}.
i found the tub in the walmart garden center on clearance, fyi.

for a keepsake from her first birthday {and hopefully many birthdays to come if i can remember ;)} i had a journal out for guest to write a message for our girl.

it was so great to have all of our friends and family who have loved us and ruby so well here to celebrate her life with us.

ruby got lots of grandaddy and grandmama cuddle time during the party.

ruby started getting tired so she was not really in the mood to be put in a high chair when it was time for cake.

thankfully everyone singing happy birthday perked her up and she started smiling and looking around at everyone. :)

sweet girl, who has no teeth, prefers baby food to anything else, and has never eaten sweets, was pretty dainty with her first ever cake.

she actually never got into the cake at all.
she ate some of the icing and spread it in her hair, but that was about it.
she was over it pretty quickly . . . sister doesn't know what she's missing.

while ruby dealt with icing, everyone else had the best ever cupcakes made by my awesome friend jenny.
she is the cupcake whisperer.

even though ruby was most definitely ready for bed, we pushed through and helped her open a few presents.
okay, i opened and she played with a wet wipe.

it was such a sweet night that went way too fast.

happy first ever birthday little ruby girl. :)

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  1. I love everything about this post. Ruby. Pink. Frosting. Decor. Sara, you were a creative do-er before, but all things Ruby make you insanely creative. I'm sure of it.

  2. Such a cute and creative party and how adorable is she?!

    Where did you get those sweet shoes?

    1. thank you!! they were a gift but they're from children's place.

  3. Oh I'm gonna have to come back to this post if I'm ever hosting a birthday party for a little girl, so many great ideas!

  4. I love this! And can't believe that Ruby is 1 already! Where has this year gone??? Her party looks beautiful, my daughters birthday is in a couple of weeks, and I love the idea of cans to hold plastic wear!!!

  5. Everything about this was super sweet & super cute! :) Wow, I can't believe Miss Ruby is already a year old! If it seemed fast to me, I can't imagine how fast it was for you! :)

  6. What beautiful details. I am looking forward to planning my baby girls first bday in October. Ruby is a cutie.


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