Sunday, November 24, 2013

ruby's room at the new house

and by new, i mean, we've lived here 7+ months.
i realized i haven't shown y'all around much since we've moved to this house so i thought i'd show you ruby's room.
it is honestly very much like her old room.
except that she actually lives in it now, so it's not quite so pristine.
and she has a closet in this room.

welcome. :)

it should be noted that i did not stage these photos at all.
these pics are pretty much how it looks every day.

also, the walls are painted dolphin fin gray (behr) just like her old room.
that was the very first thing we did before we even moved boxes in.
also, we brought her chandelier. :) had to.

this is her reading chair.
we read her books there, daily.
her favorite is "no, no, noah." :)

chalkboard from her shower, hooks with her many accessories, fabric art from the sis-in-law, and baby dresses.

the top one was my mom's baby dress and the bottom is the one i made for ruby.
it was so big on her....hard to believe now.

i found the gold curtain rod at the walmarts on clearance. yes. please.
the curtains are a vintage coverlet, cut in half.
i didn't sew up the sides or anything crazy like that.
the little scrappy garland is from her first bday partay.

her bed....pretty much the same as our last house, except lowered down.
she refuses blankets 98% of the time, but we always go in and cover her up after she's asleep.

that vintage bassinet is one of my favorite things in her room.
all my kids slept in it, as well as my niece, nephew and little sister.
it now holds her many "babies."

okay, yeah, we hardly use that changing pad anymore.
but we do use it sometimes and i just can't bear to get rid of it yet.
i have used it for all four of my kids and i'm sentimental and i am no where near ready for her to have a big girl room.

the gallery above her bed is ever-changing.
i need to add some more current photos.....

ruby in utero.
mama and boy hands loving on her even then. :)

the little angel picture was a gift from my step-mom years ago and i've always loved it.

vintage botanical print.

i love this print from french press mornings.
{i won it through a giveaway on this vintage grove!! yay. hoo.}

and lastly but not leastly...her closet.
it is super nice for her to have an actual closet in this house.
which is chock full of her cutie clothes and shoes.

so that's her little room.
girly and pink and perfect for her. :)

more details of the specific items in her room can be found in the "ruby's nursery" tab at the top of the page. :)

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  1. I love Ruby's sweet, pink room! You have such a gift for putting things together! :) I also love, love, love the print you won! I think it's awesome you won it from our friend ▲ Danavee!!

  2. This is Lovely :) i love the chalkboard tray thing, great idea.x


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