Monday, December 16, 2013


our home is looking cozy and christmasy.
this is our first christmas in this house and it was so fun to decorate. 
i love pulling out all of our boxes and spreading christmas cheer throughout the house. :) 

the kids love to help decorate the tree with us.
we have a tradition of putting on a christmas movie and decorating the tree together.
i usually get a little stressed out at some point but try to hold it together. ;)

i love our family tree.
we put tons of vintage tinsel and all of our ornaments on that one tree.
i love my fancy, girly ornaments right next to a homemade kid one. :)

we decorated the weekend after thanksgiving and i spent the better part of the weekend adding stuff all around the house.
it's not perfect for sure, but it's happy and christmasy and makes our home feel so cozy. :)

avery made this lego nativity to set out. :) 
love his creativity. 

we have loved doing the jesse tree this year....i found the free printable ornaments and jesse tree study guide for free on ann voskamp's blog.

bottle brush trees are so sweet, right?
plus vintage fake snow and little vintage silver deer...such a sweet little vignette.

i may be slightly obsessssed with my antique ornament tree.
i'm thinking it would be weird to have it up all year long.....

antique ornaments are one of the only things that i collect and i loooovvveee them.
vintage tinsel....vintage ornaments....all stuffed into a milk glass vase.

christmas cards displayed on the piano.
ignore that chandelier hanging in the way....seriously we need to raise that sucker up.
we've only lived here since march.

that's when avery and finley were four and two....and avery kept pinching finley's nipples while i was trying to create a christmas card photo shoot.
ha. it was so frustrating at the time. makes me laugh now.

vintage christmas apron.
red plaid mug i picked up at the thrift for 99 cent.
i'm so trendy with my plaid.

we did a little easy christmas crafting on our bazillion snow days last week.

more vintage of course.

dining room....i love decorating these shelves.

the shelves are just barn wood that AJ attached to the wall with heavy duty brackets.
they are one of my favorite things in our house.

the little tree is just one that i had on hand.
i spray painted it silver this year to give it a midcentury feel.

advent calendar...the kids open a window each morning and read the verse.
simple and sweet.

even the bathroom shelf got a little christmas love in the form of a big ol' strand of vintage tinsel shoved in there.

avery's room and the stairs to the playroom got some lights as well.
not fancy, but super fun and exciting for the kids.

so that's our bits of christmas cheer!

merry christmas, friends! :)

{linking up to the nester's christmas tour of homes}.

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  1. It's lovely Sara! Merry Christmas!

  2. Really nice, Sara! I have limited our family to the tree, wreaths, and outdoor lights. I love the look of your house, especially your crazy amount of vintage fun! For me, un-decorating can be too depressing so I have to keep it simple.


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